Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Return Journey

Well whenever we go out to visit any place, we have to return. That is the hard part. While going to fun trip we always see all happy faces but while returning faces are gloomy. That may not be because we don't want to come back or we are unhappy about it but major reason being fatigue.
The return journey is what you see in this picture.

Classical view of a Tree

Tree in it self is a wonderful beauty. It remind us of Allah Almighty who made whole of this world perfectly. from grand of sand to sun all are simple wonderful.

I am forced to say SubhanAllah.

Cool view of tree :-D

Kalar kahar lake

Beautiful view of Kalar Kahar lake. Lake water behind that vegetation and behind that a mountain. Breath taking beauty. Simply wonderful.

Though I am only showing you this view but in this lake we also did boating. Place has very good restaurants and tons of beauty.

We are loving it here. :-D

I strongly recommend that you go to Kalar Kahar and have a fun day.

Trip to kalar kahar

We are on our way to Kalar Kahar to have our day out. Though I have visited the place before but going there with friends is always fun. We have planned out to enjoy at lake and then have lunch there.

I hope our trip will be loads of fun. Kalar Kahar here we come.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Taking a time off to close one's eyes while doing anything always helps to relax. We Can not just keep on going. This is human limitation and we need to recharge our batteries. We need to rest to keep going on. So me napping :-D

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Adnan's marriage

Today I attended my long time friend's Marriage. The day of marriage is one day in the life of a person when one is really happy and one's life will change for ever. When we get married we enter a new phase of life. It is a life with new responsibilities and new prospective.

We can mo longer think as one, we have to think for our family. Our priorities changed.

With all this thought I wish a very happy married life to my friend Adnan. May you live happily ever after. :-D

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fun car

This a car which is used by our place to bring food etc. it is called as Fun Car. Actually it is really a fun car. When we go out in this everyone is looking at us. If you haven't noticed there is also hooter over it. After turning that on we also try to caught the attention of all :-D.

At this particular time i am only having a photoshoot. But this is cool car.

We have ourselves given this car a name Sporty.

Back to Home time

After finishing our daily routine of work, we go home. At this time of the day we are really very very tried. Dead tried, with a wish to have a bed and we could go to sleep. But you can see out faces. There is a ray of happiness on it. This shine on our faces is because we are now free to spend rest of the day doing what ever we want.

A typical Office day is always hectic but when this hectic day ends we go back to our lives doing what we all love. Some will go play cricket, Others will watch movies etc.

But actually we are recharging our battries for another hectic day. But at the moment we are happy to go back. :-D

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chilling in my bed

Having my laptop on my lap, and Chilling on my bed is most wonderful feeling in winter nights. Winter nights are cold so one become lazy. Atleast I do! I don't want to come out of my bed. If it was in my control I would have my meals also in the bed but it isn't. So Having this much privilege to sit in the bed and not come out to use internet is at the moment enough for me. I wish happy cold winters to all. :-D

Morning time

Every Morning we follow same routine. Wake up, get ready, ride the coaster, and go to work. Although it may seem that our life is monotonous but it is actually happening. Although we started out day exactly in the same manner but we don't finish it the similar way.

But we do appear to be doing exactly same things to people who don't know us. So Sitting in the bus. Ready for work