Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Karachi's Situation

Last night I was an eye opener for me as far as situation in Karachi is concerned. I was celebrating my wedding anniversary and invited two of my friends. Just before leaving their place they called me (around 7:30pm). So I was expecting them around 8:15pm in Malir Cantt. Then at 8:00pm I text them to give update about my position in BBQ Tonight Malir Cantt. There was no replay from them.

I became worried because of my ill-perception about Karachi's Situation and gave them a call. To bring my fears to reality cell phones of both my friends were not responding. I asked my father-in-law about any places in Karachi where cell signals might be weak, answer was negative as he told me that Karachi was well covered my mobile companies. 

In a mean while I received a phone call from the family of one of my friends, they were worried for the same reason and were asking me about my friend's whereabout. I was totally blank and tried to calm them down and told them that I'll update them about him as soon as I'll know anything. 

Mean while it was 9:00pm and I was myself losing my calm and decided to contact authorities. This was first time I came to know the importance of having emergency services numbers because next 15 mins I was searching the numbers. To my further astonishment when I called concerned person ( I'll not name the person here ) answer was:
I am not their personnel body guard and I am not supposed to look for persons in the jungle

At about 9:30pm my friends did make an entrance and I first of all gave them my piece of mind (**@*^!#*$%*) Then they told us that they were looted by Robbers in a traffic blockage. There were three to four people having firearms and they threatened to kill them and took all their belongs from cell phones, money to Identity Cards. We immediately called their families and told them about the safety of them. 

My dear friends especially my blogger friend Muhammad Hamza, Dudes there may be only 10 deaths and may be only 100 to 200 street crimes in Karachi in a day, This all may be normal for you but a single incident like this is not at all normal for me. I really felt the heat to the situation yesterday and I might not able to shake the image off my head anytime soon. 

Karachi's Situation sucks.............


  1. That's really bad and unnerving. I thought Karachi being such a large city would be largely untouched by the strife elsewhere. Take care and be careful.

  2. Yes it's always unusual for others who come in Karachi, but for Karachi residents it's a normal routine. When ever you step out from home in Karachi be aware of any kind of incident, from road accident to looting even being murder from looters. :/

  3. @ Rachna

    Well problem in Karachi has nothing to do with situation elsewhere in Pakistan. It is something indigenous to Karachi and as far as My point of view is concerned it should be dealt with full force of law.

    @ Asma Khan

    It was really heartbreaking for me. I thought I would write that there is nothing wrong with Karachi and when I went there I saw nothing. But I can't say that now. Furthermore today some of my friends asked me to accompany them to Sadar and I promptly replied NO WAY......... you can well imagined why.

  4. Oh, that is even more surprising. Don't know what to say.

  5. yup karachi's situation is getting worse day by day...and you cannot get the feel of it unless (GOD FORBID) something like this happens to u or to your friends,..we really did get the feel last night and it was BAD...may God keep us all in his safty..AMEEN

  6. @Talha: Yes I can undersatnad. And I must say one thing about Sadder, "Sadder bhool k b mat jaiye ga" :)

  7. I am a Karachite, and the situation here sure as hell sucks, and unfortunately most of the crimes that take place in this city can be traced back to one political party that has been at the helm of affairs in khi for couple of decades now, may be more.

    Awfully sorry to read abt what happened, pal.

  8. The situation in Karachi seems too worst than I ever imagined, I dunno if a place like Karachi which I thought to be safe is like this then wat about the interiors and other places in Pakistan that are so remote. Why has the common man to suffer always? and why do these authorities not act on..it's really bad to hear stuff like that breaks my heart...

    Allah keep you in his safety is all I can say and pray at the moment !

    Have faith Inshallah everything will be alrite!

    Take Care,

  9. @ Asma Khan

    Advice taken.:)

    @ A Great Liar

    Unfortunately I have to agree with you, When Govt. talk about reconciliation policy That means they are talking to people because of whom the violence is there. Why not take action :(

  10. @ Fatima

    I really hope situation will Improve but on the ground that does not appear to be happening. :(

  11. I do believe that the situation in Karachi is getting better now the political parties have destroyed the peace of Karachi for their every own sake

  12. Talha, thank you for your nice comment on my post. The average person in America knows very little about your country. I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about you and your way of life from your blog. Peace to you and your family.

  13. Happy wedding anniversary to you and so sorry for what dampened the ocassion. Hope things get better with time.

  14. @ Zubair

    I hope Situation does improve but my experience speak otherwise :(

    @ Judie

    Thanks a lot. You would be surprise to know that we Pakistanis don't hate America or American but we hate the American govt. for their biased policies and their bossy attitude.

    @ Asha

    thanks a lot Asha

  15. @Talha,
    I'm very sorry to hear this.It might have been quite hard for you.It is for most people.
    I hope you and your cousins get over the shock soon.

    Just like Asma said,this might and is abnormal for you but people born in metros like Karachi are used to it.
    And we have to get used to it,we can't just rely on the police or get scared.And even the police can't do anything in a city of above 2 billion.
    Even NYC police is helpless.

    So dear friend,here's an idea.Me and my friends and most of the people I know,Keep two cell phones with them at all times.One is usually a normal one and a second one is the usual flashy one.The normal one is for the snatchers and this will save you a lot of cash.
    Even if you want to avoid this,then avoid walking through dark lanes and or using your cell phone outdoors.

    Hope,your visit to Karachi goes smoothly and you return back with a better image of the mini Pakistan.

  16. @ Hamza

    Thanks mate. But as you said for me it was really weired. Thing is we just can't rate this normal. If we start to rate this type or lawlessness normal then we are playing a part in it.

    Ps. that two cell phone formula was really cool. :)

  17. :( should i travel out there? or not? :(

  18. things r gonna f fine inshallah fr once and foreva those who make us bleed r gona regret .... makin ma cntry like ths... they r nt gna ge away with it.

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