Monday, February 28, 2011

The View of Space shuttle from Aircraft

Space Shuttle Discovery took off for its final mission on tuesday last week. All over the world people watched this historical event from their Television sets, few people watched live from the launch pad and even fewer were really lucky to get the view of the shuttle from the skies.

The flight from Orlando, Florida to Richmond, Virginia got an unexpected treat. Passengers saw the Shuttle on the right-side of the plane. One of the passenger named Neil showed a great presence of mind when he made the movie of space shuttle from his iPhone. Great job Neil !!!

In the back ground you can listen to the people being happy that the flight got delayed and they got the chance to witness this awesome event.

If you listen hard you can also hear a joke cracked by the captain of aircraft. He said "People if you're sitting on the right-side of the aircraft you can see the space shuttle, and if you're on the left side of the aircraft you can see people on the right-side looking at the space shuttle"


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