Thursday, February 3, 2011

Going to Karachi : For First Marriage Anniversary

I'll be leaving for Karachi to celebrate my First Marriage Anniversary. Though I am exited to rejoin my wife but still I am little bit apprehensive about situations in Karachi.

But still inside Karachi Malir Cantt is the most peaceful place so While hoping that situation will be perfect during my visit, I can still celebrate to the fullest in Malir Cantt. :-D


  1. Happy anniversary dear Asma & Talha. I am sure you will be safe and have enjoyable time together.

  2. Oh wow great!! Happy anniversary Sir :)
    Don't worry everything is fine here in Karachi and Malir Cantt is the safest area so enjoy!! :)

  3. Best wishes for you and your wife, have fun and blessings. :)

  4. A very Happy Aniversary to you and your wife. May u live happily ever after inshallah : )

  5. Happy anniversary.

    Dude,Karachi,is such a huge city that 10,12 deaths everyday is NOT a big factor to call it as different "situation."

    The NYC has an average of 37.9 deaths in shoot outs every day!

  6. Cool, hope you have a great time. And happy anniversary!

  7. Happy Anniversary to both of you. First anniversary is so special always. Have a great time!

  8. @ Rama

    Thanks a Lot :-D

    @ Miss Hanif

    Yes Malir is peaceful and thanks for wishes

    @ Anonymous

    Thanks :-D

    @ Asma Khan

    Thanks a lot. :)

  9. @ Kiran Ashraf

    Thanks really appreciated :-D

    @ Muhammad Hamza

    You are right that Karachi is a big city but how the situation is depicted in Media do arise concerns. Sometime back I was living in Peshawar and Media was depicting that there is a war situation in Peshawar but ground reality was totally different.

    Any way thanks for wishes. :-D

  10. @ A Great Liar

    Thanks :-D

    @ Rachna

    Thanks your wishes meant a lot. So nice of you :-D

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  13. ahan ahan oh yea o yeaaaa:D
    p.s doin the happy dance:D

  14. Happy wedding anniversary, Please observe closely and then give a feedback as how have you find the city situation.

  15. very Happy Aniversary to you and your wife...
    and the first is always gr8.... that too if living both apart.....
    have a gr8 time.....

    Best wishes,

  16. @Perless

    Thanks a lot. My next post is on the situation of Karachi. Unfortunately it sucks...



    @ Irfanuddin

    Thanks a lot. Your wishes really meant a lot :-D

  17. Happy Anniversary Talha
    Yes Cantt areas are the securest areas in Pakistan

  18. @ Zubair

    Thanks a lot. your wishes meant a lot. :)