Monday, February 28, 2011

The View of Space shuttle from Aircraft

Space Shuttle Discovery took off for its final mission on tuesday last week. All over the world people watched this historical event from their Television sets, few people watched live from the launch pad and even fewer were really lucky to get the view of the shuttle from the skies.

The flight from Orlando, Florida to Richmond, Virginia got an unexpected treat. Passengers saw the Shuttle on the right-side of the plane. One of the passenger named Neil showed a great presence of mind when he made the movie of space shuttle from his iPhone. Great job Neil !!!

In the back ground you can listen to the people being happy that the flight got delayed and they got the chance to witness this awesome event.

If you listen hard you can also hear a joke cracked by the captain of aircraft. He said "People if you're sitting on the right-side of the aircraft you can see the space shuttle, and if you're on the left side of the aircraft you can see people on the right-side looking at the space shuttle"

Friday, February 25, 2011

Work Work Work !!!

Job is going real tough. Work work and work, that is all what I do now a days. Because of visits of some higher ups the workload is immense. Fun time is almost nonexistent and I haven't been able to workout . This routine is going on from couple of week and will continuous for couple more. 

But as we say that it is all part and parcel of life and we have to cope with tough days only then we we will grow as a person and become successful.

Time has a great quality, Weather its bad time or good, It passes. 

So I really hope that is busy time will pass like a flash and I'll return to my normal daily life. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Zealand Earthquake

Nearly 400 people dead or missing in Christchurch, New Zealand. I was heartbroken to hear the news. Human life is very precious may it be of White, Black or colored. 

Prime Minister John Key declared national emergency after New Zealand's worst natural disaster and called the day as worst in the History of that Country. 

I wish that this tough time pass quickly for New Zealanders and Hope that they will cope with is disaster very bravely. 

I am horrified to see these images. :(

Sunday, February 20, 2011

World Cup Song

I was just thinking about 1992 world cup song which was very cool. 

The World Is Coming Down
The Flags Are Up
Who's Gonna Be No.1
Who's Gonna Take Up The Cup
Who Will Be
Who'll Be King
It's Once In A Lifetime Chance
Who Rule The World
Gotta See Who Rule The World

And what we got for this World Cup. It just sucks you can compare. 

I just think that now a days there is shortage of good Ideas. We deserve more !!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Raymond Davis and Pakistan

Raymond Davis
On a street in Lahore three people died, two shot and one crushed, this incident sparked a chain of events that have great regional and global gravity. Mr. Shah Mehmood Qureshi, whose denial to recognise Davis as a diplomat became ex-foreign minister. An additional victim is the trilateral meeting among Pakistan, Afghanistan and the US which were scheduled for 23-24 February – but not any longer. The motive for the ‘postponement’ is said to be because of ‘political changes’ in Pakistan. American officials in Pakistan have stated quite openly that there will be no high-level dialogue until the release of the Raymond Davis. 

There has not been an attack by drones anywhere in Pakistan since Mr. Davis was arrested, It is said that US thought that continuing the drone attacks was going to make a bad circumstances even worse. Another casualty may be the meeting between President Zardari and President Obama. Cancellation of this meeting would be diplomatic equivalent of having a shoe thrown at you. There were reports that Pakistani ambassador to Washington was warned of a possible break in diplomatic relations unless Mr.  Davis was released. President Obama today said while answering a question that Senator John Kerry has been sent to Pakistan with very strong message.

So this incident has become an incident of great national and international importance. If Mr. Davis is released there will be problem nationwide otherwise there might be sanctions by United States.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nostradamus Predicted Revolution in Egypt ......... Really???

There was a revolution is Egypt but more shocking is the fiction that Nostradamus predicted it.  As we wait for the chaos to subside a bit, with the future of many Arab governments still very uncertain, lets analyze what Nostradamus had said about the events unfolding today.

Nostradamus made predictions about future throughout his life that would remain even today.  The predictions have been criticized for their ambiguity, praised for their accurateness, and usually circulated in times of insecurity to direct those looking for answers on relating events.  And now with the revolution in Egypt what he said was.

"The false trumpet concealing madness
will cause Byzantium to change its laws.
From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants
the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards."

As with earlier predictions made by Nostradamus, this one does not use precise terms but hides quite a few details behind rhythmical use of language.  The false trumpet could be many things, but it has a usage as a message projected over space to numerous people.  So this may be television broadcast, a speech, or anything that comes in mind.  But when we talk about false trumpet that conceals a great madness, for me it becomes great demonstrations.

Byzantium was a city of the Roman Empire.  It is commonly thought that United States is today’s Roman Empire; US the "New" Rome.  Another interpretation may be that, Byzantium became Constantinople or Istanbul (Turkey) as we call it today.  It was the place where US evacuating diplomats from the Egyptian Embassy.  Also recently nuclear talks between six major world powers and Iran were held at Byzantium (Istanbul).  

It's also likely that this revolution could have a key impact on international economic policies as mentioned in last two verses.  Is it the end of paper based currency or just change in Egyptian currency is something we will see in the coming weeks, but one thing is for sure.  This all is strange.

Now to the part that what do I feel about it. I feel this all Nostradamus thing is just fiber of our imagination; we tend to link all major events to his predictions. If all of his prediction were so true, so accurate, so wonderful then why didn’t we were able to point out any of his predictions before the event happened and  told the world that we are going to see twin towers go down soon. So I am not able to convince myself that Nostradamus knew what he was talking about. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Karachi's Situation

Last night I was an eye opener for me as far as situation in Karachi is concerned. I was celebrating my wedding anniversary and invited two of my friends. Just before leaving their place they called me (around 7:30pm). So I was expecting them around 8:15pm in Malir Cantt. Then at 8:00pm I text them to give update about my position in BBQ Tonight Malir Cantt. There was no replay from them.

I became worried because of my ill-perception about Karachi's Situation and gave them a call. To bring my fears to reality cell phones of both my friends were not responding. I asked my father-in-law about any places in Karachi where cell signals might be weak, answer was negative as he told me that Karachi was well covered my mobile companies. 

In a mean while I received a phone call from the family of one of my friends, they were worried for the same reason and were asking me about my friend's whereabout. I was totally blank and tried to calm them down and told them that I'll update them about him as soon as I'll know anything. 

Mean while it was 9:00pm and I was myself losing my calm and decided to contact authorities. This was first time I came to know the importance of having emergency services numbers because next 15 mins I was searching the numbers. To my further astonishment when I called concerned person ( I'll not name the person here ) answer was:
I am not their personnel body guard and I am not supposed to look for persons in the jungle

At about 9:30pm my friends did make an entrance and I first of all gave them my piece of mind (**@*^!#*$%*) Then they told us that they were looted by Robbers in a traffic blockage. There were three to four people having firearms and they threatened to kill them and took all their belongs from cell phones, money to Identity Cards. We immediately called their families and told them about the safety of them. 

My dear friends especially my blogger friend Muhammad Hamza, Dudes there may be only 10 deaths and may be only 100 to 200 street crimes in Karachi in a day, This all may be normal for you but a single incident like this is not at all normal for me. I really felt the heat to the situation yesterday and I might not able to shake the image off my head anytime soon. 

Karachi's Situation sucks.............

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Going to Karachi : For First Marriage Anniversary

I'll be leaving for Karachi to celebrate my First Marriage Anniversary. Though I am exited to rejoin my wife but still I am little bit apprehensive about situations in Karachi.

But still inside Karachi Malir Cantt is the most peaceful place so While hoping that situation will be perfect during my visit, I can still celebrate to the fullest in Malir Cantt. :-D