Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Zealand Earthquake

Nearly 400 people dead or missing in Christchurch, New Zealand. I was heartbroken to hear the news. Human life is very precious may it be of White, Black or colored. 

Prime Minister John Key declared national emergency after New Zealand's worst natural disaster and called the day as worst in the History of that Country. 

I wish that this tough time pass quickly for New Zealanders and Hope that they will cope with is disaster very bravely. 

I am horrified to see these images. :(


  1. It is really bad. I feel sad about it.

  2. I truly feel sad about them and hope that the world would help them to over come this problem...

  3. I agree with you its just really horrifying to see the destruction the earthquake caused. May God have mercy on them.

  4. Earthquakes are levelers literally. They come on so suddenly and wipe out lives just like that. Very sad for the Kiwis. Hope, there is as little loss of life as possible.

  5. It's scary stuff - I grew up in California and it took forever for the area to recover after the 1989 quake.

  6. This is very Sad. I was watching it on the news yesterday as well.

  7. @ A

    Yep its very sad

    @ Abnormal Thinker

    I also really hope.


    Yeah Really sad.

    @Kiran Ashraf

    They are disturbing Images.

  8. @ Rachna

    I also hope there is less loss of life.

    @Riot Kitty

    Earthquake are really very destructive.


    Very sad indeed

  9. :( terrible..and the pictures are giving me goosebumps:S brrr

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  12. @ Manpreet Kaur

    Yeah Its scary

    @ Asma

    Very terrible

  13. O my God! :( very sad news and pics are terrible!

  14. Earthquakes are such a destructive force and difficult to recover from. My heart goes out to anyone who has lived through such trials.

  15. @ Miss Hanif

    Very terrible indeed!!

    @ Laura Eno

    Earthquakes are really very very destructive.