Sunday, February 20, 2011

World Cup Song

I was just thinking about 1992 world cup song which was very cool. 

The World Is Coming Down
The Flags Are Up
Who's Gonna Be No.1
Who's Gonna Take Up The Cup
Who Will Be
Who'll Be King
It's Once In A Lifetime Chance
Who Rule The World
Gotta See Who Rule The World

And what we got for this World Cup. It just sucks you can compare. 

I just think that now a days there is shortage of good Ideas. We deserve more !!!


  1. Song full of enthuthiasm !!

  2. wow i like it... never heard it before.. but its really good.

  3. My love for cricket had faded in 1999.... :(

  4. I totally agree with you. They could have used the 92 song or Stand up for the champions etc if they cant make a good song. It sounds more of bollywood dance number song.

  5. Whoever is the best should win. Did you get to see the ads from Pepsi, they are too good( with every player)?
    Sometimes they really come up with good ideas.

  6. aww I remember the 1992 song, I used to love it

  7. There is a shortage of good ideas in general, that's for sure!

  8. Let us see who wins. I wish there were some matches in Pakistan too.

    Talha, by any chance have you watched an Indian movie 'Dil Bole Haripa.' If not, see if you watch it. As far as I know you can get Indian movies in Pakistan. The movie is about a female who wants to play in male cricket team.

    Remember I mention in past, I will share what Indians think about Pakistan, here is about Cricket. Typically India/Pakistan cricket match are very tense and a lot of Indians become very emotional. A lot of Indian (not all) take India-Pakistan war far too seriously to the extent of war. For example say India beats England, of course all people are happy. But if India beats Pakistan, the happiness is far more...two reasons - Pakistani team is usually strong and historically rivalry between countries come into play. We should not mix sports with politics but people do.

  9. lol...i guess the team we had in 1992 deserves the song of winners and the team we have right now fairly deserves the song what we have this year!!

  10. actually, I find the current one quite catchy :-).

  11. hmm nice comparison...truly it lacks the ideas , stress more on inculcating enthusiastic rythm in it

  12. @simran

    Thanks for commenting :)


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    @Asma Khan

    We may loose interest but we can't stay indifferent from cricket. Its a great phenomena in Pakistan.

  13. @ Kiran Ashraf

    Thanks for agreeing :)


    Yep they have made some cool adds :)


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    @Riot Kitty

    that is what I think too.

  14. @ A

    Well the masses feel similar way here in Pakistan too but we should keep the sport separate from politics.

    @Mooses Hemani

    Lolz I agree


    I am not propagating that this song is not catchy, What I meant was the quality of this song is not very good. It is not the kind of song that we will remember for ages.


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