Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Deeds, Bad Deeds

We live in the world where everyone is sitting with the stick and waiting for a chance to label others as sinners. Good deeds,  Bad deeds Are we the one to judge? This is an imperfect world. Can anyone out of us, anyone can say that he is the perfect being. No!!!

We Humans have a tendency to do wrong as we are not perfect. So how can we judge others when we all have our own dark secrets. I am not saying that we all did something really bad but on the other hand we are not angels.We should try to be at our best and we should give benefit of doubt to others. Pointing fingers is not the answer.


PS. I am not; by any means; suggesting that we should not apprehend criminals.


  1. Wow!!
    Nice post and topic upon u discussed here!
    We should always try to give our best and to commit less mistakes...
    I am your new follower :)
    Keep smiling cheers!

  2. We live in a society that is based on judging others. We have to ourself, “Who are we to judge others?
    God is the Judge and He will judge the people for indeed we do not know what is in the hearts of others, rather God knows what is in the breasts of mankind.

  3. We should behave ourselves and let other lives.

  4. Nice post :) what we use to say in Urdu.
    "Ager aap kisi per ek ungli uthatey hain tu panch ungliyan aap per bhe uth rahe hoti hain."

  5. @Miss Hanif:

    aik unglee kisi per aur char unglian apki apni taraf (which people intend to ignore!).

    These days, people spend too much time on other and I guess if they spend half of that time refelecting on themselves - our lives individually and as a nation will get better!

  6. @ Simran

    Thanks a lot for following me and yes we should try to give our best

    @ Asma Khan

    Very true exactly my point.

    @ Asma

    yes we should.

    @ Miss Hanif

    Yes if we point fingers at other we are actually pointing our selves.

    @ Sarah

    very right If we spend time on ourselves we would be better nation.

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  8. yes it is easy to judge others, but I try not to judge others, not because they will also judge me, it is because i think it is none of my business. But being human we do tend to judge easily, and such quotes at that time may or may not help us from indulging in the judgement game or trap.

  9. Well said. None of us is perfect, yet we can't resist pointing a finger at others.

  10. I think for every time that we point fingers at others, we must look within us too. But, by not being judgmental, it is just not possible in the real world.

  11. @ Kiran



    Yes you are right actually its none of our business. :)

    @Neena Sharma

    Yes that is my point.


    For me, we humans are very mean in real world thats why its not possible :(

  12. Very very good message. We make judgments based on our values and what we learn and see while growing up. We do not know what we learned is right or why make judgments about others.

  13. Very nice post. This thing is just stuck in our mind that everybody else is wrong.We should live and let live.

  14. @ A

    We need to judge ourselves only.

    @ Kiran Ashraf

    Yes we should live and let live.