Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nice seating

Again this is Serena Hotel but this is a great seating place. They have made couple of them. It's having a good design with nice cushions. I loved them so took a picture of me sitting on them.
Again I wanted to highlight the hospitality of the staff of the Serena Hotel. Surely I will be visiting them soon again. :-D

Serena hotel Islamabad, The Lobby

We went to Serena to have a buffet Dinner and after that we invaded the Hotel going into different lobbies and taking pictures.
Here a table was placed for Hotel Guest to do work but we find it a great place to take photos. 
Serena Hotel is great place and i really got impressed with wonderful structure and great hospitality of the staff. 

Gold Cart at Rawal Lake

When I visited Rawal Lake, Islamabad I was pleasantly surprised to see this cart. I was really fun to ride it. They gave ride from entrance to lake side. I really enjoyed at that place. 
They happiness i saw on the faces of children riding this cart was unique and wonderful. I love the energy of children. :-D

Wonderful Murree

Natural Beauty
Murree is great vacation place and first stop of all the tourist of Pakistan. Great weather, wonderful restaurants , great hotels. Perfect place for holiday shopping. I just love to enjoy my self to the fullest when I am in Murree.
Place is full of natural beauty with all the facilities of the modern days.
I love Murree and consider it as my second home.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pizza Party at White Onion, Mall Road Murree

Sitting in white onion Murree waiting for Pizza to come.
Having a night out in Murree after full happening day is always fun. I with all my mates had too much Pizza and then went to sleep out brains out. :-D


Murree is so beautiful that sometime i wish to make a house there and live there. I love the weather and the natural beauty.
As we can see lush green grass, sky touching Pine trees and Mountains and clouds coming together .......... beauty at its best.

Pakora party

After having fun at Chinar Golf club we have having snacks there. All time famous the Pakora Party. :-D
It is always fun to eat pakoras in cold weather especially when out on a fun trip.

Ali the .....

my friend :)

Chinar Golf Club Bhurban

Chinar Golf Club consists of very good golf course, a breathtaking walking trek and a restaurant. As you can see it is well maintained (Pakistan Army always take good care of places she owns) and it lush green.
Restaurant serves variety of snacks and foods. It is a very beautiful place in Murree and is adjacent to PC Bhurban.
I say its a great place to spend a day.

Lower Topa, My Love

I Just love the place. Mall Road Murree is near, Partata Chairlift is near and accommodation is awesome. Further more i Studied in Murree for 4 years so I have great memories for that time.
Murree is place full of natural beauty and  it is well maintained.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Beautiful Azad Kashmir

Ultimate Beauty

River mountains clouds just wonderful combination.

Kashmir is just unbelievably beautiful. I wish togo there again and again. Mind-blowing Beauty and a place which put me into trance. I just love the smell of mountains and sometimes seriously think to shift to hill Station permanently. 

Red fort in Muzafarabad

Red Fort is a wonderful Old Fort one of the two in Muzafarabad. Although after the earthquake the fort is quite damaged now but still its an historical place and worth visiting.

The more awesome was the view of the river from the fort. It was so beautiful that we lost the track of time and lost in beauty of Kashmir.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Enjoying at Kotali

Kotali is the entrance to Azad Kashmir from Punjab. Very beautiful place and wonderful riverside. Apart from this suspension bridge on which i am standing there are also small local restaurants and their food is quite delicious. If you plan to go to Kashmir Kotali is must stop place.

Even if you are visiting Murree i highly recommend that you take a day trip to Kotali where you can see water mountains which is no doubt an unthinkable beauty.