Monday, January 31, 2011

Second Chance

Today I went to home of fun
Happiness was there, shining like sun

I wanted to shine, I wanted to run
I wanted to feel, like I had won

But life is cruel, It kills like gun
A wake up call, my sins were ton

It was too shocking, I was stun
I wanted another chance but it was shun

Nobody is perfect, not even nun
Why was I told, my  life was done

Mentally tortured, My life was spun
I'll not give up, I'll score home run

Friday, January 28, 2011

An American on Rampage in Pakistani Soil

Things are getting greatly out of hand in Pakistan. A U.S. consular employee fatally shot two Pakistani men and another American vehicle at the scene hit and killed a passer-by and injured many.

I don't know whether first two were really trying to Rob American diplomat or not but the fact remains that both of them were shot from behind which make the plea of self defence highly suspicious. Furthermore if he was on the right then why didn't he called Pakistani Police to clarify the whole situation, instead he tried to flee and his movie of an non successful escape is available in which he did not stop while Traffic Police tried to stop him. 

A Pakistani woman Aafia Siddiqui was sentenced by the US judge to 86 years in prison because she allegedly did an armed assault on U.S. officers in which nobody was hurt but Aafia herself. Here an American has killed two Pakistani Nationals in Pakistan in broad daylight. 

This will be a real test for our leader to prove that they are independent of US pressure. If they are able to pursue murder charges against a U.S. consular employee they will win the hearts of whole nation otherwise they will prove that they are bunch of impotent lot.

Sometimes I really feel helpless. :-(

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday My Dear

Today is my wife's first Birthday after we got married and Alas I can't be with her.

It is sometime very difficult to stay apart in such an early time of the marriage but as it is said everything is not in the control of us, SO when we can't do anything about it then we devise a plan to live with it.

So I send you a warm wishes hope you like it.

My heart beats my love speaks
I’m so blessed 2 have a wife like you

Loving thoughts & warm wishes
My love, I send to you

May the day be filled with your laughter
and all the blessings on to you

May your life be happy for ever and ever

My dear wife, Happy Birthday to you

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Pineapple Cake by My Wife

I was crawling through photos and came across the photo of a PINEAPPLE CAKE made my my wife sometime back.

Man it was yummy.

This is only one of the wonderful foods she made for me and believe me all of them [ Excluding vegetable as I am carnivorous ;-) ] were delicious.

 I miss you so much wify and wish this time to pass quickly so that we be together. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I love skiing it is my Passion. Ever since I have learned to ski, I just fell in love with it. The trill of moving fast, sound of wind passing by your side and mind-blowing beauty it is nothing but life changing experience.

The rush of blood and one time hesitation is an awesome feeling of skiing. Though I am only Amateur but still I won't miss any chance to ski.

Friday, January 21, 2011

My first Night Duty

On 17 Jan 2007 i did first night duty of my job. Now it over four years but i can still remember the night. 

It was cold night, working conditions were not very sound and because of the old equipment, even in January Air Conditioners were on. So I was freezing.

12 hours of duty from 7:30 pm to 7:30 am …………………………… it was quite tough and I thought how will I manage it. But 4 years later here I am still surviving after many night duties  :-D

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Attack Of Viruses

My dear Computer is under attack by viruses and i am getting fed up from these buggers.

First of all Viruses delete my antivirus. Then i formatted my computer.

I tried to get Norton Anti Virus from the market and what did i get ; dam trial version that too of 15 days. I guess even that was not enough i made system very slow. Despite of that i tried to run its Scan and got a wonderful result : ” A Hanged Computer” . I just got rid of this Anti Virus and my system still loaded with viruses , this all is making my life quite difficult.

Hey anyone can tell me about any good anti virus and from where i can get it. PLEASE :(

Monday, January 10, 2011

Shifting of Home : not as simple as it sounds

I was in Islamabad for the weekend, though I was quite tough as my family was shifting home but still spending time with family is always a great way to shed all worries and feel great.

Starting from Friday till late Sunday we were working like hell and still new home was giving a view of shabby warehouse. While I am confident that whenever I’ll come to visit home again it will be in perfect shape, but the mere fact that shifting is so much hectic job opened my eyes to this reality.

When we are shifting from one city to another then we pack all our luggage properly, load it on truck and then move out but in above mentioned case when we shift within a city we tend not to follow this formula. Exactly what happened in our scenario. So shifting with luggage not properly pack is greatly hectic. We have to make many trips from old to new home. And in the ends still small items are lift behind and have to make another trip for them. When moving out carpets come out last (after removing furniture etc) but they have to be put in first. So it do cause lots of inconvenience.

Life is a changing experience and those of us who utilize this experience in a positive way are bond to succeed and vice versa. I hope to be among those who learn from experiences of others because one will have to learn harsh realities of life.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Mind ........ thrown out of kilter

I was sitting with my head down.............. drowned in perturb thoughts!!!

Actually you can very well comprehend from the above line that my mind was going wild with all type of random thoughts. I was actually thinking what to think. TV was running in the back ground, Seated in front of heater, tried from all days activities and my mind was wandering here and there. Out in all these disarray suddenly thought of dinner came to my mind. But instead I got glued to news knowing that will only bring dissatisfaction. I know there was no causality in this case but as i said my mind was going perturb.

Anyway; to clear my mind; I had a good dinner and to seal my mind out of wildness I will sleep in a while.

And yes dinner was yummy :-D

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Couple of years back, I wrote this poem; Gazal as we call it in Urdu. I thought why not to share it with you all.

Please Do comment and do let me know of my shortcomings :-D


جذبوں کی لہروں میں جب

آتش کے سحروں میں جب

دل کا ہر اک کانچ ٹوٹا

سپنوں کے شہروں میں جب

دییوں کا تیل بھی سوکھا

اندھیروں کے پہروں میں جب

کیوں اک شیطان بھی ڈوبا

نوروں کی نہروں میں جب

یوں ہوئی پہچان بھی جھوٹی

اپنوں کے کہروں میں جب

کہاں گئی، کیوں رونق ڈوبی

خوابوں کے چہروں میں جب

ہاں شیری جاں سی نکلی

شکر کے زہروں میں جب