Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Mind ........ thrown out of kilter

I was sitting with my head down.............. drowned in perturb thoughts!!!

Actually you can very well comprehend from the above line that my mind was going wild with all type of random thoughts. I was actually thinking what to think. TV was running in the back ground, Seated in front of heater, tried from all days activities and my mind was wandering here and there. Out in all these disarray suddenly thought of dinner came to my mind. But instead I got glued to news knowing that will only bring dissatisfaction. I know there was no causality in this case but as i said my mind was going perturb.

Anyway; to clear my mind; I had a good dinner and to seal my mind out of wildness I will sleep in a while.

And yes dinner was yummy :-D


  1. hahaha MR.TUMMY PHUL:P where are my frenchfries:P

  2. You can have them from picture above :-p

  3. Yes dinner do seems yummy. ;)

  4. Wow... that looks so yummy!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog... hope to see more of you :)

    Happy a great week ahead!

  5. @ you are welcome. and yes you'll see more of me