Monday, January 10, 2011

Shifting of Home : not as simple as it sounds

I was in Islamabad for the weekend, though I was quite tough as my family was shifting home but still spending time with family is always a great way to shed all worries and feel great.

Starting from Friday till late Sunday we were working like hell and still new home was giving a view of shabby warehouse. While I am confident that whenever I’ll come to visit home again it will be in perfect shape, but the mere fact that shifting is so much hectic job opened my eyes to this reality.

When we are shifting from one city to another then we pack all our luggage properly, load it on truck and then move out but in above mentioned case when we shift within a city we tend not to follow this formula. Exactly what happened in our scenario. So shifting with luggage not properly pack is greatly hectic. We have to make many trips from old to new home. And in the ends still small items are lift behind and have to make another trip for them. When moving out carpets come out last (after removing furniture etc) but they have to be put in first. So it do cause lots of inconvenience.

Life is a changing experience and those of us who utilize this experience in a positive way are bond to succeed and vice versa. I hope to be among those who learn from experiences of others because one will have to learn harsh realities of life.


  1. Interesting Talha Bhai :P I like your way of putting things together in the story

  2. @ AT Thanks bro! I really appreciate you coming here and giving your feedback. Thanks bro :-)

  3. buahaha .....sekhain sekhain ap nay hi karna hai :P