Friday, January 21, 2011

My first Night Duty

On 17 Jan 2007 i did first night duty of my job. Now it over four years but i can still remember the night. 

It was cold night, working conditions were not very sound and because of the old equipment, even in January Air Conditioners were on. So I was freezing.

12 hours of duty from 7:30 pm to 7:30 am …………………………… it was quite tough and I thought how will I manage it. But 4 years later here I am still surviving after many night duties  :-D


  1. Night Duties are always tough but as you said time passes. :)

  2. Nice Post I like picture more though.

  3. @ Yawar yes you are right Night Duties are tough

  4. @ Anonymous
    thanks for visiting But I would love to see your name

  5. Hey thanks for visiting my blog and for your precious views.

    Now coming to your night duty stuff, I always wonder how you guys can manipulate the body clock and work religiously. Keep up!

  6. @ Insignia

    You are welcome and please visiting.

    As far as night duties are concern Allah Almighty has made humans very tough. So nothing special in us Manipulation of body clock is gift from the God.

  7. Very nice post. Thanks for kind words. Your blogs are awesome. My first Pakistani friend. Always want to know to more about Pak

  8. @ A
    Thanks a lot for liking my blogs. I am at your service if you want to know about Pakistan. And friends are always welcome :-D

  9. I agree with 'A',want to know much about Pakisthan.
    And wish you all the best for your future,hope you achieve your goals.
    I love doing night shifts,esp after reading the novel 'ONE NIGHT @ CALL CENTER'.

  10. I am very interested to know what an educated Pakistani who works in an office (someone like you) thinks about Indians (not Indian government). Is there any animosity in the mind of young Pakistani people towards Indians?

    I am more than happy to write my opinion on what Indians (not the government) think about Pakistani people.

    May be we can publish these posts same day....

  11. @ Neeha
    Thanks a lot for Visiting and for your wishes.

    @ Hamza

  12. @ A

    We can surely work on that :-D