Saturday, January 15, 2011

Attack Of Viruses

My dear Computer is under attack by viruses and i am getting fed up from these buggers.

First of all Viruses delete my antivirus. Then i formatted my computer.

I tried to get Norton Anti Virus from the market and what did i get ; dam trial version that too of 15 days. I guess even that was not enough i made system very slow. Despite of that i tried to run its Scan and got a wonderful result : ” A Hanged Computer” . I just got rid of this Anti Virus and my system still loaded with viruses , this all is making my life quite difficult.

Hey anyone can tell me about any good anti virus and from where i can get it. PLEASE :(


  1. Well why don't you try NOD32. it is good one

  2. Same thing happened to me sometimes back. I tried Avast. Did job for me.

  3. No antivirus is a good antivirus as long as you are not careful yourself.

    Some recommendations:

    1. Use firefox for internet browsing.
    2. Do not install unknown addons.
    3. Never use USB memory stick without scanning it first.
    4. Disable autoplay features from your windows (google it).
    5. If you are willing to pay, Panda antivirus is a good and cheap option.

  4. @ Tauqeer

    Thanks a lot. Your comment was really helpful. Thanks for giving your wonderful feedback and keep visiting. :-D