Saturday, January 22, 2011


I love skiing it is my Passion. Ever since I have learned to ski, I just fell in love with it. The trill of moving fast, sound of wind passing by your side and mind-blowing beauty it is nothing but life changing experience.

The rush of blood and one time hesitation is an awesome feeling of skiing. Though I am only Amateur but still I won't miss any chance to ski.


  1. Hi Talha! You've got a lovely blog. Glad to stop by.

    Skiing and underwater swimming are two things I would love to try myself sometimes. Let's see...

  2. @ Asma



    Scuba diving is also my dream to. I will InshAllah give it a try and as far as skiing is concerned its simply awesome.

    Anyway thanks for liking my blog, Keep visiting. :-D

  3. Cool.
    I missed the snow this year a lot!

    Guess you had a magical time!

  4. @ Hamza
    You bet bro!! One of the best times of my life. :-D

  5. I agree with you. The first time thrill and excitement is worth trying for. My one and only experience was when I tried skiing in Lake Tahoe, California. I would definitely try again when I get a chance

    By the way, you ski like a pro.

  6. @ Insignia

    Thanks for rating me as pro really feel boasted my morale. And yes the thrill and excitement is an awesome feeling of Skiing. I would also ski again as soon as possible.

    Thank you for visiting, means a lot :-D

  7. We have skiing in Pakistan? Far out!

  8. @ Alpha Za

    We sure do brother. Malamjaba and Naltar and skiing paradise in Pakistan.

    Pakistan is very blessed country. Allah Talla has given us sea, desert, plain, Hill everything we just need to utilize our resources to the fullest. :-D

  9. Thank you for visiting my post on skiing. It is good to see a skiier in you and your own account.
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  10. @ JalalHB
    thanks a lot sir. so nice of you :-D

  11. Can you please tell me how to ski at naltar, i have been o rattu with m university, some one had contacts in the army so we arranged the trip. malam jabba is in really bad condition due to the taliban invasion, thus naltar is the only option left, can we ski there without any air force contacts?? please reply as soon as possible regards,
    I would be greatful if you could reply me back at as i do not usually visits the blogs too often

  12. @ Zain
    Well I went through Air Force. I am not sure that you can do skiing without their approval but I had seen some private Hotel and Civilians staying there and Skiing. But the only Catch was they were not provided skiing equipment. you should bring your own.