Friday, January 28, 2011

An American on Rampage in Pakistani Soil

Things are getting greatly out of hand in Pakistan. A U.S. consular employee fatally shot two Pakistani men and another American vehicle at the scene hit and killed a passer-by and injured many.

I don't know whether first two were really trying to Rob American diplomat or not but the fact remains that both of them were shot from behind which make the plea of self defence highly suspicious. Furthermore if he was on the right then why didn't he called Pakistani Police to clarify the whole situation, instead he tried to flee and his movie of an non successful escape is available in which he did not stop while Traffic Police tried to stop him. 

A Pakistani woman Aafia Siddiqui was sentenced by the US judge to 86 years in prison because she allegedly did an armed assault on U.S. officers in which nobody was hurt but Aafia herself. Here an American has killed two Pakistani Nationals in Pakistan in broad daylight. 

This will be a real test for our leader to prove that they are independent of US pressure. If they are able to pursue murder charges against a U.S. consular employee they will win the hearts of whole nation otherwise they will prove that they are bunch of impotent lot.

Sometimes I really feel helpless. :-(

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  1. Talha
    It is really disgusting to see such an incident on our soil, you are right that this will test the character of our rulers. But they have already been tested, so better not to hope anything different from them.

  2. @ Peerless

    You are 100% right but what can I say, I am very optimistic person and I still hope that our leaders will mend their ways. I really hope with all my heart that they will.

  3. i wish they become independent of US pressure.... but chances are not very much there.....
    BTW glad to see u at my space , plz do come again when i post my next.
    ”poor sanyiaa”

  4. @ Irfanuddin
    Thanks for your precious comment and please keep visiting. :-D

  5. I don't see any result on this issue. After some days news will be out dated and america will be demanding him so they may trail him in their own country and nothing will happen to that guy.

  6. Justice here depends on how deep your pockets are and how influential you are...One can guess the outcome if its the same in Pakistan....
    loved your other blog too, the places seem beautiful, would love to visit if I could get vegetarian food....:)
    thanks for visiting and commenting on my photo blog...

  7. @ Zubair
    You are 100 absolutely right but still I am keeping my hope alive.

    You can get vegetarian food everywhere here :)

  8. nothing's gona happen'll see..

  9. @ Asma

    I don't understand that why there is nobody optimistic but me. I know ground realities are not good but we just can' give up home.

  10. hmm....but what about the CONSTITUTION....?

    Does not it say that we can not trial a foreigner especially the Ambassadors....?

    What else we can do then?

  11. constitution suggests that a foreigner can also not have the unlicensed gun with him

  12. hey thanks for commenting on my blog. good to see you are from pakistan!

    and a nice post, sometimes we want to do so much but cannot!! ending up being helpless! sad but true!

  13. @ Thinking

    First of all constitution don't say that we can't do trial of a foreigner. Two Geneva Convention does give immunity to Ambassadors. But here catch is he is in Pakistan on Private Passport not diplomatic one. Also the grave crimes like Murder is beyond immunity.

    @ Zubair

    100% right. SO he was having weapon. He was not using embassy transport and he tried to run away. These all happening speak of his intentional crime.

    @ SEPO

    Thanks alot and keep visiting.

  14. Hi, first time here. Yes, its an outrage what that fella has done. It surely is the test of character of our less than capable leaders. I wonder if there is a noose strong enough to fit that neck. (All puns intended, mind you)

    And I honestly don't care what the CONSTITUTION says on this matter. I mean, there has to be a limit to it. Simply because someone has a diplomatic impunity, doesnt mean he can go around shooting the head of every tom and harry in the streets on the slightest whim.

    And since when did constitution mattered in our country anyway.

  15. @ A Great Liar

    First of all welcome here and i Hope you keep visiting.

    It is Indeed very shameful to see that even big city like Lahore is not safe from American terrorism. I really feel helpless :(

  16. we should treat him the way US treats our ppl!!!

  17. Talha -- It is sad how cruel this world is for the powerless. I doubt that any harm would come to the American. As you rightly pointed out, there is no justice for the poor. The same is the sad state in India :(.

  18. @ Miss Hanif

    We should but the question is would we?

    @ Rachna

    You are very right and I know may be nothing will be done against him but i had to play my part.

  19. Ummm..

    He should be tried according to the law.

  20. Yes Hamza, he should be tried according to law.

  21. *Hugs* I can't wait for the day where peace rules the world.

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  22. @ Elizabeth

    We also really hope that peace happens :)