Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Raymond Davis and Pakistan

Raymond Davis
On a street in Lahore three people died, two shot and one crushed, this incident sparked a chain of events that have great regional and global gravity. Mr. Shah Mehmood Qureshi, whose denial to recognise Davis as a diplomat became ex-foreign minister. An additional victim is the trilateral meeting among Pakistan, Afghanistan and the US which were scheduled for 23-24 February – but not any longer. The motive for the ‘postponement’ is said to be because of ‘political changes’ in Pakistan. American officials in Pakistan have stated quite openly that there will be no high-level dialogue until the release of the Raymond Davis. 

There has not been an attack by drones anywhere in Pakistan since Mr. Davis was arrested, It is said that US thought that continuing the drone attacks was going to make a bad circumstances even worse. Another casualty may be the meeting between President Zardari and President Obama. Cancellation of this meeting would be diplomatic equivalent of having a shoe thrown at you. There were reports that Pakistani ambassador to Washington was warned of a possible break in diplomatic relations unless Mr.  Davis was released. President Obama today said while answering a question that Senator John Kerry has been sent to Pakistan with very strong message.

So this incident has become an incident of great national and international importance. If Mr. Davis is released there will be problem nationwide otherwise there might be sanctions by United States.


  1. America should be feel ashamed that they are sending Terrorist to Pakistan, Raymond David is an American terrorist.

  2. In the beginning US wasn't recognizing Davis as American citizen or diplomat and it happened twice and now Obama said in his speech that Davis is a US diplomat and he has the immunity. Moreover, Davis identity is still doubtful. No one knows his real name!

  3. Agree with you Asma Khan. He is an American agent

  4. He is definitely an agent, given the he shot and killed those guys, only a trained marksman could do that. Those guys were riding on a bike, not possible to be so neat with the pistol for an average individual.

  5. Well, he will go scotfree or US will tighten the noose in all areas to make sure that he goes free. That is the truth, we all have to live with -- An American's life is superior for them. They enforce it every time and make people do what they desire.

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  7. Well the pak govt is caught between the devil and the deep sea....
    but a transparent trail is a priority...and punished if proved guilty irrespective of who you are.

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  9. @Asma Khan

    thanks for your comment :)

    @Miss Hanif

    Might is right. SO thats why US can do anything and we can't :(

    @A Great Liar

    Very true. He looked liked CIA.

    @ Rachna

    Yes they really feel that way.

    @Alpha Za

    You are right bro but please No abusive language here.


    Very well said but I really doubt that he will be punished.