Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inflation Making Lives Miserable

Inflation is making our lives and to be particular my life miserable in Pakistan. I distinctly remember my first pay was Rs 10,000 only five years back and I was able enjoy myself and now I'm getting Rs 30,000 and I am hand to mouth. I do agree that I was single then and my requirement were less but still things have really gotten out of hand.

In 2006 I used to get good quality three meals a day in Rs 70 and now I get similar food in Rs 250 which means more than 300% increase. In 2006 I took my 5 friends to a restaurant to give them a treat and my bill was Rs 1,000 only and few weeks back I took my wife for dinner and bill was Rs 2,500.  

Price hike is effecting each and every commodity and I really hope government has some immediate plan otherwise things might get out of hand. 


  1. It is bad. I can visualize your pain. Government needs to control it. I think it is the same situation in India

  2. Inflation and poverty have become giant problems, these have worst impact on individual life and also mess up daily household budget... :/

  3. I can imagine how u are feeling right now. Almost every common man in our country is facing the same situation but ironically the govt isnt doing any good stuff.

  4. Hang in there...some of the prices of basics here (flour, sugar, gasoline) have doubled in the past year, and of course our salaries haven't. Hope you are OK.

  5. Not only there Talha! We feel the pinch here too.

    For example my SUV could be filled at $30 two years ago, now it takes $50 - the very same car. Not only that then I used to fill it once a week and now hardly four days - to do with the added commute - which doesn't help either...

    1 Oz gold coin was $700 then, now it has doubled, so we can do the math... The only thing that went down comparatively is the price of buying a house. But then that's not something we do everyday...

    So I agree with you, inflation does make life miserable - not only in Pakistan or India, but also in the United States.

  6. @ A

    Yes government needs to control it.

    @ Asma Khan

    It really do mess up house hold budget.

    @ Kiran Ashraf

    You are right, government don't seems to be bothered about inflation. really bad.

  7. @ Riot Kitty

    I am ok but with this inflation I am not sure that till when I'll be OK.

    @ NRIGirl

    You are right effects are everywhere but in countries like Pakistan and India the effects are severe as because of inflation people are getting problems to get daily meals.

    @ Smokey_Cat

    Yep very crazy indeed.

  8. Inflation is going to deflate the hopes of developing nations...its a scourge, yet a reality.

  9. Truely said Talha !
    Everyone is suffering from the same .. :(

  10. Yes it has affected all countries whether it is India, Pakistan, or the US,it is a major problem everywhere. The more we earn the more we spend, and are left with very little savings.

  11. I thought we indians were the only one suffering from inflation!!
    Atleast ur petrol prices are controlled!

  12. @ Alka Gurha

    We really hope so.

    @ Simran

    It's really a dangerous phenomenon.

    @ rama

    100% right.

    @ Jon

    Not really just three days back petrol price was increased.

  13. @ Harish

    I hope situation here and there improve.