Thursday, March 3, 2011

Afridi to Rescue

Batting of Pakistani Cricket team Sucked today and so did the batting of Pakistani Skipper Shahid Khan Afridi. But when it Cames to Bowling Afridi Rocked. Afridi's took 5 wickets for the second time in this world cup.

When Pakistan's Team was bowled out on 184 runs only. I thought here it is, we are ganna loose from Canada. and for a moment while Canadian were batting my fear was taking the shape of reality. But then BOOM BOOM Afridi's did BOOM BOOM. Shahid Afridi was on fire.

Love you Afridi!!!


  1. Pakistan Zindabaad Boom Boom rockss!! :)

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  4. Yup. Yesterdays match was really a treat. awesome bowling by afridi

  5. Sorry about the fumble. I just accidently deleted my own comment.

  6. Afridi is unpredictable and a great player.

  7. Boom Boom Afridi! no doubt has been the key player behind winning all three World Cup 2011 games so far. I would like to extend my appreciation of Mr Boom Boom Afridi to a step further and would like to add that the game in which Umar Akmal scored dashing 71 and was named Man Of the Match(MoM), in my opinion even in that game Afridi took a "5 for" and deserved to be Man of the Match(MoM). If that would have happened, it would have been the first time in history a same Pakistani Player was MoM in three consecutive matches in any World Cup.

    One more thing we can all thank Afridi for making it happened but the World Cup can not be won just by Mr. Boom Boom. His team mates have to support him by performing well so that the pressure on him of being Captain and also trying to be MoM in every game is eased. The responsibilities needs to be SHARED.

  8. The rest of the team should join Afridi in the party soon,cause they can't just go on alone,winning matches for the green flag with the crescent and star.

  9. @Smokey_Cat


    @ Miss Hanif

    :-D yes he rocks

    @ Kiran Ashraf

    No problem and keep visiting :)

    @ Rachna

    Truly said very unpredictable but he is fun to see. :)

  10. @ Umair

    Thanks for your great inside and I agree he should have been Man of the Match for all games :)

    @ Hamza

    I agree all team need to start performing!

  11. Yes, boom boom is on a roll as far as bowling is concerned, 14 wicks in 3 matches so far. Simply unbelievable!

  12. @ A Great Liar

    I Hope he keep on performing :-D