Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Poetic Emotions

Out in the skys

Cool like an ice

I see what i see

I do have my choice

But is that true

Then why i feel blue

I would rather fly

Without wings but high


  1. woww lovely effort!
    I m not a poet,but i m always moved by touching words :)and have written just very very few poems as well.

  2. I cant understand why your blog is showing all post updates in my dashboard as if they have been posted just 2 seconds ago.. and guess what my dashboard is full of your posts.. :D! rest other blogs updates have been lost:S

  3. @ReeBz.its because you are my blogs follower.
    @harman.thankyou and i am visiting your blog as soon as i post this comment:)

  4. Lol i very well know about being follower an that the followed blogs post come in your dashboards, i was just shocked a bit that why all of your old posts are giving the same time of publishin!